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In the world of branding, presentations are not just slides; they are stories. I crafted narratives that transcended mere visuals, delving into the essence of brands. 
Through meticulous design and compelling content, I transformed ideas into immersive experiences. 

Crafting Red Bull Pitch Presentation Icons

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Example of Social Media Posts

In 2019, my Berlin internship was a pivotal chapter.
I tackled varied creative challenges, crafting engaging social media content, immersive presentations, and innovative mock-ups.

Berlin taught me that creativity knows no limits, and failures are stepping stones to innovation. Challenges, once embraced, became pathways to future triumphs.
In today's digital era, everything is at your fingertips. If you can dream it, you can learn it.

Tools, skills—everything is online, waiting for your curiosity.
The world is your classroom, offering unlimited opportunities


Presented brand analyses, showcasing practical understanding and strategic application of learned concepts

Mastered Branding Fundamentals

Explored concepts like brand architecture, equity, and strategic design

Crafted Comprehensive Strategies

Defined buyer personas, brand objectives, and conducted competitive analysis

Expertise in Brand Creation

From research and ideation to sensory design and brand protection

Empowered to Shape Impactful Narratives

Equipped to deliver strategic brand solutions 

This year, I took an online course on branding and visual identities. Inspired by my learning, I started freelancing during my free time, offering consultancy services to small clients
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