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In parallel with my daily work, I embarked on a postgraduate course in branding, believing it to be the ideal progression for my professional journey. Inspired by the extensive effort I invested in the Mango for Godò project, I crafted an imaginary brand book for a female tennis brand.

The central idea was to merge vintage aesthetics with vibrant, playful designs, all while emphasizing sustainability as a key visual message. I delved into creating illustrations for marketing products, experimented with logos, and explored various fonts, ensuring each element resonated with our commitment to eco-conscious practices
Screenshot 2023-06-18 at 20.06.58.png
Screenshot 2023-06-18 at 22.27.07.png
Mesa de trabajo 1_2x.png

multicolor business cards blend earthy tones, reflecting nature-inspired style and sustainability 

here I have created some images with artificial intelligence to set a vibe and a space for Cinder Tales


I created several digital drawings that were used as the starting point for the Manifesto, Logo, Symbol, and various versions in my branding project.

Mesa de trabajo 79 copia_4x.png
Mesa de trabajo 79 copia 2_4x.png
Mesa de trabajo 79_4x.png

an example could be fisical applications with illustrations on it...

Mesa de trabajo 1 copia_2x.png
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